Espionage 3.0.4 Released!

Version 3.0.4 brings some bugfixes. If you’d like to localize Espionage into your language, please contact us. FIXED: Autounlock window not accepting password in certain instances FIXED: Removed ML notifications because they don’t support long sentences Enjoy! 😀

Espionage 3.0.3 Released!

Version 3.0.3 brings some important bugfixes and Brazilian localization. If you’d like to localize Espionage into your language, please contact us. NEW: Brazilian Portuguese Localization FIXED: Error 9 when unlocking FIXED: Changed method of starting at login to one that’s less likely to fail FIXED: Changed method of disk mounting to one that’s less likely […]

Espionage 3.0.1 Released!

NEW: Spanish Localization IMPROVED: Don’t warn about visibility for folders inside folders on Desktop IMPROVED: Ask for confirmation during setup assistant if user says “no” to launch at login FIXED: Problem unlocking folders when master password is changed FIXED: Allow encryption of folders inside Library FIXED: Allow “Force remove from database…” when disk image is […]

Announcing Espionage 3 for the Mac App Store!

Today we’re announcing a brand new, completely rewritten and redesigned Espionage: Espionage 3. Espionage 3 is the result of the combined efforts of Tao Effect and cocoaWithChurros‘ Ernesto Garcia. What’s New? Simply put: simplicity and stronger security. We decided to do a complete rewrite of Espionage, focusing more on its user interface, improving its internal […]

Espionage 2.8.13 Released!

I know I know! I’m getting tired of the 2.8 series as well! :-p NOTE: This update will cause the installer to run again (prompting you for your admin password) FIXED: removed “failed to get node path” console messages in ispyd.log on Lion FIXED: issue with application associations on Lion IMPROVED: removed some 10.5 dependencies. […]

Espionage 2.8.12 Released!

Espionage 2.8.12 brings two important announcements: NOTE: With Lion approaching, this will likely be the last release to support Mac OS 10.5 Leopard CHANGED: Removed ability to backup unlocked folders for integrity reasons (you can force it on an unlocked folder by holding the Option key when clicking on Espionage in the menubar) FIXED: “Folder […]

Espionage 2.8.11 Released!

Espionage 2.8.11 provides Lion compatibility and other enhancements and fixes: NEW: Lion support (now fully 64-bit!) NEW: Complete extended attributes support for the encrypted folder itself (xattrs on files inside the folder were always supported) NEW: Bitcoin application template IMPROVED: Custom folder icon support IMPROVED: Prevent unlocked folders from being backed up to ensure backup […]

Espionage 2.8.9 Released!

The changes below have been updated to include those of 2.8.10. An important maintenance update on the road to 2.9! NEW: Sparrow application template IMPROVED: SmartMove is now even smarter (detects change in parent folder location at lock/unlock). IMPROVED: Added documentation on how to recover from a corrupt database IMPROVED: Espionage can create folders that […]

DelayedLauncher 2.2

February 9, 2014: Delayed Launcher is now Open Source Software! DelayedLauncher gets an icon thanks to Lorenzo Orlandi! 🙂 NEW: New icon by @lorenzorlandi — thanks!! NEW: Reveal In Finder contextual menu item Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4+

Espionage 2.8.8 Released + Microsoft Outlook Tutorial

NEW: Evernote application template (be sure to quit the Elephant in the menubar before encrypting!) NEW: Instructions for Microsoft Outlook IMPROVED: iCal template associates Mail with the Calendars folder now because of Todos IMPROVED: Outdated backups of sparseimages (when folder changed to sparsebundle) are deleted (and vice versa) FIXED: Rare situation where Espionage’s main window […]