Espionage 2.8.11 Released!

Espionage 2.8.11 provides Lion compatibility and other enhancements and fixes:

  • NEW: Lion support (now fully 64-bit!)
  • NEW: Complete extended attributes support for the encrypted folder itself (xattrs on files inside the folder were always supported)
  • NEW: Bitcoin application template
  • IMPROVED: Custom folder icon support
  • IMPROVED: Prevent unlocked folders from being backed up to ensure backup integrity
  • IMPROVED: Updated documentation and added example with link to blog instructions for Microsoft Outlook
  • FIXED: Espionage won’t complain if run from an external disk (or separate partition)
  • FIXED: Helper failed to run if home folder is located on non-root drive (e.g. /Volumes/etc..)
  • FIXED: Problems encrypting iPhoto Library
  • FIXED: “Don’t have a record for it” messages wouldn’t go away (hopefully for real this time)
  • FIXED: Alignment of master password field with written text above it
  • FIXED: On folder restore, sparsebundles were incorrectly sent to the trash with a sparseimage file extension
Lion Support

It is recommended to update Espionage prior to upgrading to Lion. If you were not able to do this, no sweat, simply download a fresh copy from our website and replace your copy of Espionage with it.

Full Extended Attributes support

Extended attributes are pieces of data that can be attached to files and folders (metadata in a sense). Some applications on OS X use them for various purposes, like indicating that a folder should be displayed as a bundle in the Finder (iPhoto does this). Espionage now fully supports them on the encrypted folders themselves (extended attributes on files and folders *within* the encrypted folder have always been supported).

Enjoy! 😀

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