Back up and running

“I didn’t know you were down in the first place,” I hear you say. Indeed! Those of you who sent emails to our support address today were probably pleasantly surprised to find a blazingly fast reply from us in your inbox today, but to your dismay it was not, after all, a reply to your […]

Error handling conventions in C programming languages

EDIT February 22, 2014: You’ll find the code for the functions mentioned in this post (and related ones) in TECommon Programmers have many options available to them when it comes to error handling.  A very common convention among C programmers is to make a function return a non-zero value if an error has occurred.  This […]

Fix annoying trial ending notifications

A user recently brought to my attention that Espionage would notify them that the trial was expiring in 3 days every minute.  If you ran into this problem please accept my apologies, it’s certainly not there by design.  The download for 1.1.2 has been “silently” updated with a fix for this. If you’re affected by […]

Espionage 1.1.2 Released!

Espionage 1.1.2 is here! It’s first and foremost a huge stability update, but it also boasts 3 new features: NEW: support for encrypting folders over a network mount NEW: ability to run Espionage on multiple user accounts NEW: you can now rename a folder using “Locate Missing Folder…” FIXED: updated ispyd to remove unnecessary logging […]

Logitech Control Center (Updated)

UPDATE: It turns out that Espionage *is* compatible with Logitech, but only the latest version (2.7 as of this writing). Espionage version 2.1 and later will check for this and will not complain if it detects that you have LCC 2.7 or later installed. We’ve received two reports so far of Espionage starting up but […]

Thanks For A Great Launch!

Well, it’s been a week and a day since Espionage was announced to the world. Since then Espionage has been featured all over the web, on sites like lifehacker, Macworld, MacUser, MacNN, The Apple Blog, and others. I feel honored that so many people are as excited about Espionage as I am.  I have spent […]

Espionage 1.1.1 Released!

I’m happy to announce the first update to Espionage! Here’s what’s new: FIXED: “Open Helper Log” changed to “Open System Log”. Look for more improvements later. FIXED: Attempts to encrypt ~/foo and ~/foo3 work now (thanks Roger!) FIXED: [_NSStateMarker filePath] error should no longer happen. FIXED: Can no longer uninstall if locked IMPROVED: Won’t let […]