Cloak contest over!

Thank you to everyone who submitted icons for the Cloak icon contest! The contest is over, and my apologies for being two days late to the announcement. The bad news is that we weren’t able to pick a winner, meaning Cloak will continue to use the same icon for the time being. The good news […]

Cloak contest ends soon!

The chance to win a license to Espionage (or equivalent value) is fast approaching, and thanks to the obscurity of the contest your chances of winning are great! 🙂 If you have the skills to improve upon Cloak‘s icon, go for it! Contest ends next Tuesday, June 30th.

Cloak 1.1! + Artists: Win an Espionage license!

Cloak has been updated to 1.1 (download) and this brings two much needed improvements: Mac OS X 10.4 support, and an icon! Yes, the new icon looks like it’s out of a video game.. I swear I’m a much better coder than I am an artist! Unfortunately John has too much on his plate right […]

Cloak: Manage Your Invisible Files

Update: Cloak 1.1! + Artists: Win an Espionage license! The other day we received a nice email from Nenette asking us whether Espionage could hide its encrypted folders. While Espionage does not have this capability, the desired effect is achievable by placing the Espionage’d folder inside of a hidden folder. There are two main methods […]