Espionage, Time Machine, and the Future

Update (9/20/09): This post is slightly out-of-date now, if you’re looking for instructions on how to use Espionage with Time Machine, the best place to look is in the backup section of its manual. Espionage’s manual is accessible online *and* within Espionage itself. This topic is covered extensively in the Help documentation that comes with […]

What is this “iSpy” anyway?

See this post if you are interested in licensing iSpy. iSpy is the magic behind Espionage’s amazing capabilities. Despite its sinister sounding name, iSpy has absolutely nothing to do with “spyware” whatsoever.  iSpy gets its name from its ability to spy on events in the filesystem. What does that mean? Well, let’s look at how […]

The Failure of “Vaults”

This post comes straight out of Espionage’s built-in help. Before Espionage came onto the scene, it was very difficult to securely protect individual folders. The ability to put a password on a folder wasn’t even possible. Because of Espionage, this has all changed. The typical method of protecting data on Mac OS X has been the […]