Apologies! Sky Kinda Falling + Protecting Yourself From Sparklegate

This is a followup to yesterday’s post: Sky Not Falling: Sparklegate Not As Bad As It Could Be After trying and failing to reproduce Sparklegate, I arrived at the conclusion that Gatekeeper and Quarantine did in fact protect OS X users from the Remote Code Execution (RCE) attack. What I Missed Radek, the discoverer of […]

The Apache (Contributor’s) License Agreement Is Very Dangerous

EDIT: All of this applies to the regular Apache License (v2) as well, and any other licenses that use its language. I’ve contacted Apache on their legal list about this and am waiting to hear back. UPDATE 2 3: Apache’s last reply on September 15, 2013:  “In response to your request for a formal answer […]

Happy Holidays from Tao Effect!

Hey there blog readers! Hope your holiday break is going *fantastically well*! If it’s going less then stellar, remember, what matters most is not so much the situation that you find yourself in, but how you decide to react to it. I was reminded of this during a walk today, where I saw plenty of […]

The Ultimate Test Machine Saga

So, you want to quad-boot your Mac? What could possibly go wrong? This post explores that question. Motivation After upgrading to the latest Unibody, I decided to turn my old MacBook Pro into the ultimate testing environment. My goal was to be able to test and develop software for Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Windows XP, […]

Find me on Posterous

As this is a company blog it might not be the best of places for me to post some of my more politically-charged-unrelated-to-Tao-Effect-thoughts. Therefore I’ve started a Posterous account to which I’ll be posting that sort of goodness.

Dark Day for Freedom

Yesterday the President made the extraordinary step of asking citizens to submit questions to him. He promised to answer the most popular ones, and he did. This isn’t the first time this administration has invited questions. They’ve done this before, and each time one of the most pressing questions has been the issue of legalization. […]

Back up and running

“I didn’t know you were down in the first place,” I hear you say. Indeed! Those of you who sent emails to our support address today were probably pleasantly surprised to find a blazingly fast reply from us in your inbox today, but to your dismay it was not, after all, a reply to your […]