Should unencrypted folder support be removed?

The next update to Espionage, Espionage 1.1.3, is turning into 1.2. It will be Espionage’s first major update, boasting many significant new features including: built-in DelayedLauncher, custom master-password support through a separate keychain, various UI changes, and more. Another huge feature (that’s currently hush-hush, involving some more of iSpy’s magical abilities), may make an appearance […]

Temporary fix for login messages

Some users may experience a bug in Espionage 1.1.2 associated with the “auto-unlock at login” option where Espionage will display many “Critical Alert!” messages upon login, which, though harmless, can be annoying. This bug has been fixed in the next update to Espionage (along with a slew of others), but that update may not be […]

Wireless Sleeper – Fixin’ Apple’s Bugs

Quite often in the past I’ve experienced a strange problem with my Macbook Pro where it would wake itself up shortly after I put it to sleep. I discovered that it only did this when the Airport card in my laptop was turned on. After learning that I wasn’t the only one experiencing this problem, […]

Possible Conflict with PGP Whole Disk Encryption

Recently Michael Zenke was kind enough to inform us about a potential conflict between Espionage and PGP’s Whole Disk Encryption. Michael was kind enough to give us permission to quote his email in this blog post to alert other users of the situation: Hi, for the last few weeks, I’ve been evaluating PGP Whole Disk […]

Who’s stealing your memory?

Terminal fiends will likely find this post useful. A while ago, I was sitting in the library at the University of Florida under the pretense of preparing for a final exam that was scheduled for the following day. I had, however, made the idiotic mistake of bringing my laptop with me. Instead of studying I […]