Espionage 3.7 Released!

Espionage 3.7 (and 3.7.1) bring improved macOS Mojave support.


  • New!
    • macOS Mojave Dark Theme support.
  • Fixes
    • macOS Mojave broke restoring folders, this build fixes that.
    • Fixed some potential memory leaks and new compiler warnings.
    • (3.7.1) Crash during setup on macOS Mojave.

The signature for Espionage.dmg is here and also here (pubkey here). The SHA256 of the main binary is also noted below.

Enjoy! 😀

$ openssl dgst -sha256
SHA256( c73d0050972a0fcce8cd922c0519d8db9986abb0594c23dbcb4e43cac78ee9e6

One thought on “Espionage 3.7 Released!

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    Chicago Joe

    Dark mode looks very nice. Terrific update for a great product that continues to be reliable and easy to use!

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