Building a better lock: TESharedObject

While I’m happy to see Grand Central in Snow Leopard, I won’t be using it in any of our applications anytime soon because that means we’d have to turn our backs on all those PPC users out there, and everyone who has yet to upgrade to Snow Leopard. I suspect that this represents a sizable […]

Ooops! Help form was broken! [Updated]

Update: Our host has fixed the problem, the support form is back online. We just noticed that the php installation on our host appears to be a little bit broken in the ‘mail’ department, and because of this we may not have received some support emails. If you have not received a response from us […]

Wireless Sleeper Updated

Wireless Sleeper, my fix for the insomnia affecting many wireless-capable laptops, has been updated to support Apple’s next operating system, Snow Leopard. A separate, Snow Leopard-only version must be downloaded. Enjoy! 🙂 Click to download.