Giving away commercial iSpy licenses

iSpy is the low-level tech that powered Espionage versions 1 and 2. It is unique, there are no competing technologies that can do what it does (to my knowledge): monitor and intercept file-system events based on arbitrary filters. It’s how Espionage 2 could display a password-prompt when a user double-clicked on a folder and “pause” […]

Espionage 2.1 Released! (Updated for 2.1.1)

After over a month in development, Espionage 2.1 is ready. Espionage 2.1 is a significant update, and one of the major changes is full support for Snow Leopard. Espionage 2.1 itself can be thought of as a “Snow Leopard” kind-of update in that on the surface it may appear to be very similar to 2.0.8, […]

Taking inqueries for iSpy

EDIT June 12, 2014: We’re Giving away licenses to iSpy! Espionage owes its existence and unique capabilities to a little known system that we’ve developed in-house called iSpy. iSpy is a low-level, generic system for detecting and moderating events on the filesystem. It is comprised of three main components: a kernel extension, a system-wide daemon, […]

What is this “iSpy” anyway?

See this post if you are interested in licensing iSpy. iSpy is the magic behind Espionage’s amazing capabilities. Despite its sinister sounding name, iSpy has absolutely nothing to do with “spyware” whatsoever.  iSpy gets its name from its ability to spy on events in the filesystem. What does that mean? Well, let’s look at how […]