DelayedLauncher 2.2

DelayedLauncher gets an icon thanks to Lorenzo Orlandi! NEW: New icon by @lorenzorlandi — thanks!! NEW: Reveal In Finder contextual menu item Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4+

DelayedLauncher 2.0

And you thought I’d abandoned it. DelayedLauncher turned out to be more popular than I expected it to be. Originally released as a solution to a problem in the 1.x series of Espionage, DelayedLauncher turned out to be useful for many people as a way of speeding up their system’s login time. After receiving enough […]

Easy Cocoa Setup Assistants with TESetupAssistant

Setup assistants can be a great tool when you need to guide users through a series of steps. TESetupAssistant was born during my work on the 2.0 update to Espionage, when I discovered that many of its UI elements could stand to benefit from a generic setup assistant class. The gallery below shows some of […]

Introducing Objective newLISP

newLISP is an awesome language that I use for all of my scripting needs, but one thing that is missing from it is a nice way of doing real object oriented programming. By default it supports a pseudo-OOP paradigm called FOOP, but FOOP is simply inadequate for doing some of the most rudimentary of OOP […]

Building a better lock: TESharedObject

While I’m happy to see Grand Central in Snow Leopard, I won’t be using it in any of our applications anytime soon because that means we’d have to turn our backs on all those PPC users out there, and everyone who has yet to upgrade to Snow Leopard. I suspect that this represents a sizable […]

Wireless Sleeper Updated

Wireless Sleeper, my fix for the insomnia affecting many wireless-capable laptops, has been updated to support Apple’s next operating system, Snow Leopard. A separate, Snow Leopard-only version must be downloaded. Enjoy! Click to download.

Cloak contest over!

Thank you to everyone who submitted icons for the Cloak icon contest! The contest is over, and my apologies for being two days late to the announcement. The bad news is that we weren’t able to pick a winner, meaning Cloak will continue to use the same icon for the time being. The good news […]

Cloak contest ends soon!

The chance to win a license to Espionage (or equivalent value) is fast approaching, and thanks to the obscurity of the contest your chances of winning are great! If you have the skills to improve upon Cloak‘s icon, go for it! Contest ends next Tuesday, June 30th.

Cloak 1.1! + Artists: Win an Espionage license!

Cloak has been updated to 1.1 (download) and this brings two much needed improvements: Mac OS X 10.4 support, and an icon! Yes, the new icon looks like it’s out of a video game.. I swear I’m a much better coder than I am an artist! Unfortunately John has too much on his plate right […]

ebswitch: EventBox Profile Switcher

My favorite Twitter client is EventBox by The Cosmic Machine. And while it has a million great features like support for Instapaper and a great interface, it’s missing one critical piece of functionality and that is support for multiple profiles. However, it’s still possible to use EventBox with multiple profiles, but perhaps not at the […]