Cloak 1.1! + Artists: Win an Espionage license!

Cloak has been updated to 1.1 (download) and this brings two much needed improvements: Mac OS X 10.4 support, and an icon! Yes, the new icon looks like it’s out of a video game.. I swear I’m a much better coder than I am an artist! Unfortunately John has too much on his plate right […]

ebswitch: EventBox Profile Switcher

My favorite Twitter client is EventBox by The Cosmic Machine. And while it has a million great features like support for Instapaper and a great interface, it’s missing one critical piece of functionality and that is support for multiple profiles. However, it’s still possible to use EventBox with multiple profiles, but perhaps not at the […]

Cloak: Manage Your Invisible Files

Update: Cloak 1.1! + Artists: Win an Espionage license! The other day we received a nice email from Nenette asking us whether Espionage could hide its encrypted folders. While Espionage does not have this capability, the desired effect is achievable by placing the Espionage’d folder inside of a hidden folder. There are two main methods […]

Programmers: Win a license to Espionage!

I’m part of the newLISP Fan Club. I consider myself a fan. 🙂 Over on the boards there is a challenge, and whoever solves it first wins a license to Espionage, just because that’s something that I can offer to the winner. 😀 Contest ends when someone posts the solution on that forum, or on […]

Wireless Sleeper – Fixin’ Apple’s Bugs

Quite often in the past I’ve experienced a strange problem with my Macbook Pro where it would wake itself up shortly after I put it to sleep. I discovered that it only did this when the Airport card in my laptop was turned on. After learning that I wasn’t the only one experiencing this problem, […]

Who’s stealing your memory?

Terminal fiends will likely find this post useful. A while ago, I was sitting in the library at the University of Florida under the pretense of preparing for a final exam that was scheduled for the following day. I had, however, made the idiotic mistake of bringing my laptop with me. Instead of studying I […]

DelayedLauncher – Coming to an Espionage Near You!

Update: DelayedLauncher 2.0 has been released. Yesterday we received the following support email from Brian Kane: When I put Mail (which is “espionaged”) in the login items, the folder doesn’t get unlocked in time and Mail acts like it is starting up for the first time. If I cancel the start up dialog and then […]

Error handling conventions in C programming languages

EDIT February 22, 2014: You’ll find the code for the functions mentioned in this post (and related ones) in TECommon Programmers have many options available to them when it comes to error handling.  A very common convention among C programmers is to make a function return a non-zero value if an error has occurred.  This […]