Espionage 3.6.6 Released!

Nothing exciting, just an important bug fix. In the meantime, we’re continuing our work to sustainably open-source Espionage.

  • Fixes
    • Fixed crash on macOS Sierra during installation.

The signature for Espionage.dmg is here and also here (pubkey here). The SHA256 of the main binary is also noted below.

Enjoy! 😀

$ openssl dgst -sha256
SHA256( 348702cb35208a5b834ea34556879483f7ad51d715868777ee46a6ca5a5a7f90

One thought on “Espionage 3.6.6 Released!

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    Larry Hein

    Using espionage for the first time. Mac OSX 10.11.6 and there was an error while upgrading database, error creating fake disk images, failed to create disk image, error hdiutil:create failed – Resource busy

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