How newLISP Took My Breath (And Syntax) Away

Translations: δΈ­ζ–‡ A few years ago, a little-known language called newLISP completely changed my understanding of what “good” programming languages look like. Why newLISP? Before saying another word, I’d like to address the question that some of my LISP-familiar readers may be asking right now: Why newLISP? Why not Clojure, Scheme, or Common LISP? The […]

Introducing Objective newLISP

newLISP is an awesome language that I use for all of my scripting needs, but one thing that is missing from it is a nice way of doing real object oriented programming. By default it supports a pseudo-OOP paradigm called FOOP, but FOOP is simply inadequate for doing some of the most rudimentary of OOP […]