Espionage 2.0.4 (aka FinderPwn) Released!

This release brings fixes to some long-standing bugs in Espionage with its Finder integration, as well as two new features! NEW: Full support for custom folder icons! To add a custom icon to an existing espionage’d folder, disable it, and use the Get Info panel NEW: Automatically begins backing up folders if backup drive is […]

Espionage 2.0 Released! (Updated 2x)

After months of development, Espionage 2.0 is finally here, and it’s brimming with new features: NEW: Support for separate keychain = support for separate master password! NEW: Application Associations – Tightly integrates applications with their encrypted folders (no need to auto-unlock) NEW: DelayedLauncher built-in. Check “Launch at login” in Application Associations NEW: Stupid-Proof safety checks […]