Espionage 2.0.4 (aka FinderPwn) Released!

This release brings fixes to some long-standing bugs in Espionage with its Finder integration, as well as two new features!

  • NEW: Full support for custom folder icons! To add a custom icon to an existing espionage’d folder, disable it, and use the Get Info panel
  • NEW: Automatically begins backing up folders if backup drive is mounted
  • FIXED: Bug where locking a folder with the ‘Lock’ CM could cause the Finder to claim it no longer had permission to access the folder
  • FIXED: Many situations where password prompt would appear randomly.
  • FIXED: Bug introduced in 2.0.3 that prevented moving an encrypted folder to a parent directory
  • IMPROVED: Prevents encryption of folders inside of an already encrypted folder (which can cause problems and is unnecessary)
  • IMPROVED: Reveal in Finder menu item now selects the folder even if it’s locked (because now the prompt won’t appear)
  • IMPROVED: Folders backup setting is turned on by default now
  • IMPROVED: Warns users to not use iDisk as a backup destination

Overview of Significant Changes

Finder ‘Pwnage’

This bug has been with Espionage since day one, and we’ve finally nailed the sucker. Now, when you re-lock a folder on some systems, the Finder will not claim it doesn’t have permissions to access it when you double-click on it again. This bug only appeared in certain specific situations, and was fairly easy to get around by doing something as crazy as “nudging” the folder a bit, but we’re glad to have finally fixed it nonetheless, and I’m sure our users are too. 🙂

Additionally, we were able to fix several scenarios where the password prompt could randomly appear. This turned out to be quite the challenge in pattern recognition actually, which is why we’re dubbing this release “FinderPwn” due to the rather hackish nature that this must be done in.

Custom Icon Support

Now you can give your folders pretty custom icons! When you encrypt a folder that has a custom icon, Espionage will automatically copy that icon to the newly encrypted folder. If you’d like to change the icon for a folder that you’ve already encrypted, first disable it, set its icon as you normally would via the Get Info panel, and then re-enable the folder.

Auto-backup on mount

This new feature is aimed at users who use Espionage to encrypt folders on external drives. Now if you plug in a drive that has an Espionage’d folder in it, it will automatically be enabled so that you can immediately begin using it without having to re-enable it from the application.

Enjoy! 🙂

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