Espionage 2.0.5/2.0.6 Released + Dropbox note

A maintenance release for 2.0.4:

  • FIXED: Bug in 2.0.4 that could prevent a volume with an espionage’d folder from unmounting (thanks Neil!)
  • FIXED: Bug in auto-backup where backup wouldn’t start if backup folder was in a subfolder of the drive
  • FIXED: Auto-enable-on-mount only enables folders if they are on the device that was mounted
  • IMPROVED: Warning for “can’t find folder” now disappears instead of sticking around waiting to be clicked on
  • IMPROVED: Minor change related to custom folder icons
  • IMPROVED: Updated BWToolkit to 1.1

2.0.6 was shortly released after 2.0.5 due to an oversight on our part related to PPC machines.

Note on Dropbox

While testing Espionage’s compatibility with Dropbox, we noticed that one of the recent updates to Dropbox causes the Finder to change its behavior a bit, causing the password prompt to come up when it shouldn’t. Therefore for now we’re recommending that our users do not use Dropbox as a method of syncing espionage’d folders, but you can still safely use it as a backup destination for Espionage’s built-in backups. Better Dropbox support is planned for the future.

Update (12/14/09): See here: Instructions on how to safely use Espionage with Dropbox.

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