Espionage 2.0.5/2.0.6 Released + Dropbox note

A maintenance release for 2.0.4: FIXED: Bug in 2.0.4 that could prevent a volume with an espionage’d folder from unmounting (thanks Neil!) FIXED: Bug in auto-backup where backup wouldn’t start if backup folder was in a subfolder of the drive FIXED: Auto-enable-on-mount only enables folders if they are on the device that was mounted IMPROVED: […]

Tao Effect Forums Open!

To allow our users to share ideas and help each other out (read: send us less support email), we’ve created the Tao Effect Forums! Come on in for all the exciting action! Sorry. Maybe it’s not all that exciting, BUT—to start things off there are three Espionage Tips that you might be interested in reading: […]