Cloak 1.1! + Artists: Win an Espionage license!

Cloak has been updated to 1.1 (download) and this brings two much needed improvements: Mac OS X 10.4 support, and an icon!

Yes, the new icon looks like it’s out of a video game.. I swear I’m a much better coder than I am an artist! Unfortunately John has too much on his plate right now and therefore cannot give Cloak a proper icon, which is why I’m holding a contest:

Win an Espionage license! (Or $24.95)

Cloak needs a nice 512×512 icon of a cloaked figure with glowing eyes. If you think you can do a better job we welcome you to try, just post a link to your icon in the comments below.

The winner will get to choose his or her prize: a free license to Espionage or $24.95 via PayPal. Additionally, your name will be placed in Cloak’s about box with an optional link to your site.

Please remember to enter a real email address when posting a comment so that we know where to reach you.

The winner (if there is one), will be announced at the end of the month, June 30th, 2009.

Enjoy! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Cloak 1.1! + Artists: Win an Espionage license!

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    John Ashenden

    I love the eyes. They look so ominous. Can help judge?

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    Greg Slepak Post author

    That would be excellent. 🙂

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    If I may make a suggestion about the current icon image, the graphic looks pretty good but it doesn’t scale down very well. I would suggest making the purple color of the cloak a little lighter so it contrasts better when scaled down. I’d also suggest making the eyes bigger. Lastly, a well-done transparency effect would emphasize Cloak’s invisibility feature.

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    Greg Slepak Post author

    Thanks Ryan, those are very good suggestions.

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    David Um

    I’m working on an icon for this right now…..I was using the espionage demo and realized it was a valuable app to have around but I didn’t really want to spend $25 for it so I came across this contest! Have other people sent in their icons already?

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    David Um

    This is the first I created….it can be improved for sure but I don’t know how high the developer’s expectation is for an icon….I’m sure I could do better but this is the first. Tell me what you think….

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    Greg Slepak Post author

    Thanks David for your entry!

    Some critiques that I can make so far:

    – It needs to be 512×512, the image linked there is 198×213
    – The eyes could use improvement, they currently look more like white ovals than glowing eyes, and it would be nice if they could be more ominous. They’re also oddly sized and positioned, especially the one on the right which looks like it’s too much to the right.
    – The bottom of the image just cuts off, it needs to look more like a self-contained OS X icon.
    – Most of the critiques that Ryan made of the current icon apply to this one as well.
    – This looks like it might be a bitmap drawing, it would be nice if it was a vector-based one as most OS X icons are vector-based icons.

    I do though like your shading around the top of the hood, it looks fairly convincing. 🙂

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    Jesse D.


    I hope you don’t mind me making a submission. I’m no icon artist but I thought it might be fun to try. It started out as a cloaked figure and now is no where near that but I hope that you don’t mind me showing it to you anyway. If you have any suggestions I would be happy to hear them but I have a feeling that its way off the mark and if its not at all what your looking for then thank you at least for the opportunity.


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    Greg Slepak Post author

    Haha that’s a great submission, not quite what we’re looking for in terms of the Cloak icon but I love it nonetheless! It’s definitely in line with the current one as far as making for a great video game icon, reminds me a bit of the ghosts in PacMan actually. 🙂

    I’m hoping for more detail though for the current icon, something that looks more convincing as a “hooded figure”, but at the same time your icon does show some potential for the minimalist approach.

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    David Um

    Dang….it’s June 30 and I haven’t been able to work on my new (and improved) cloak icon…..I’ll still post it up once I finish, doesn’t matter if I get something out of it or not. I actually had a lot of fun playing around with new programs to work on the new icon….bottomline, it’s still not done. If you still want to take a look at it once it’s done, then email me or something and I’d be happy to send it to you 😀

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    Greg Slepak Post author

    Hey David, don’t worry, take your time. Thank you for submitting your work. 🙂

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