What is this “iSpy” anyway?

See this post if you are interested in licensing iSpy.

iSpy is the magic behind Espionage’s amazing capabilities.

Despite its sinister sounding name, iSpy has absolutely nothing to do with “spyware” whatsoever.  iSpy gets its name from its ability to spy on events in the filesystem.

What does that mean?

Well, let’s look at how Espionage uses iSpy.  Espionage asks iSpy to send it events whenever any of the folders that it’s monitoring are accessed.  So when a user double-clicks on a folder under Espionage’s protection, iSpy sends Espionage an event.  As far as I’m aware, it is currently the only system on the Mac OS X platform that has this capability.

But the magic doesn’t stop there.  iSpy can also moderate file operations. This is how Espionage’s non-encrypted protection works.

P.S. Tao Effect (and you can consider this a company philosophy) will never include any form of spyware in any of its applications.

7 thoughts on “What is this “iSpy” anyway?

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    Wenn ich einmal reich wär.

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    Drew Venegas

    Just installed this on my computer. Just thought that I’d let you know that it rocks pretty hard. Just thought I’d say thanks.


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    friend has given the link has not regretted that has come

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    joel Almestica

    I recently download this product. Is a trust product and will help you with those annoying intruders.

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    Tito Campos

    This app is really great and also a trust product! Thanks for this wonderful software

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    Althought fitting, I’ve to say that the name “iSpy” does sound scary! But after being frustrated & dissatisfied with other encryption software out there, this is by far the best—something that I actually use on a regular basis.
    Keep up the good work!

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    R James

    Yes this iSpy name is an eye opener as we’ve all had to spend time tracking down the file(s) location, it’s links, it’s use, and ultimately to this page for a better explanation…
    WoW, wish i had a dollar for each hour this must have totalled collectively…
    Great marketing is another way to look at it too, i.e. cause panic, then let all be overcome with reassurance and the aahh don’t worry my little friend finish.

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