Temporary fix for login messages

Some users may experience a bug in Espionage 1.1.2 associated with the “auto-unlock at login” option where Espionage will display many “Critical Alert!” messages upon login, which, though harmless, can be annoying.

This bug has been fixed in the next update to Espionage (along with a slew of others), but that update may not be available for a few more weeks because of the nature of the improvements that are being added to it.

However, you don’t have to wait for the next update for a fix to this problem:

  1. Download Fix Messages.zip
  2. After extracting it, double-click on the fixmessages.command file.
  3. This will open the Terminal. At the prompt enter you administrator’s password and press enter.

That’s it. Next time you login those messages should not be there. The fix places a small script in the Espionage support directory that will run when you login. This script simply removes the /Volumes/EspionageMounts directory, which Espionage will subsequently re-create.

To uninstall it, run remove-fixmessages.command.

Fix Messages.zip

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