Back up and running

“I didn’t know you were down in the first place,” I hear you say.

Indeed! Those of you who sent emails to our support address today were probably pleasantly surprised to find a blazingly fast reply from us in your inbox today, but to your dismay it was not, after all, a reply to your inquiry, but the following description of an unfortunate event that befell Tao Effect yesterday morning:

Hi there!

This is an automatic reply. Today (Mon. 17th of November), my main development machine died, it appears to be a problem with the logic board. Right now I’m scrambling to the nearest Apple Store to get it fixed as soon as possible. Because of this, my ability to reply to your email will probably be delayed a bit, and I apologize for that. I will still do my best to try and send you a reply within 48 hours though.

Hopefully this situation will be fixed soon. I will try my best to keep you posted via updates to the blog.

Best regards,

Greg Slepak
CEO, Tao Effect LLC

I drove down to the nearest Apple Store from Gainesville yesterday, which (timewise) is Orlando. The genius there (Jon) was quite helpful and the laptop is on its way to receive repairs. My guess is that the logic board decided that it would rather leave this realm than live under the stresses that I put it through.

In the meantime, our test machine (a PowerMac) has been setup as the temporary center of operations, so I should be able to reply to support email (and continue development) while waiting for my beloved laptop to find its way back home.

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