Happy Holidays from Tao Effect!

Hey there blog readers!

Hope your holiday break is going *fantastically well*!

If it’s going less then stellar, remember, what matters most is not so much the situation that you find yourself in, but how you decide to react to it.

I was reminded of this during a walk today, where I saw plenty of examples of people who have very few possessions or the “luxuries of modern day life”. Though they probably didn’t get a Kindle or an iPad under their non-existent Christmas tree, they nevertheless were smiling, cracking jokes, and some were jamming on one instrument or another. I’m sure every passerby’s day was improved as a result. Their joy was contagious—it certainly made me smile.

This, I think, is what the Christmas spirit is really about. No matter where you find yourself, you get to choose how you react to your circumstances, and some of the best gifts you can give don’t cost a penny.

Happy Holidays,

Your Friends at Tao Effect

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