Espionage 2.8.6 Released!

The changes below have been updated to include those of 2.8.7.

Espionage 2.8.6 is finally out, and it’s highly recommended as it fixes many important issues and adds plenty of polish:

  • IMPROVED: Intelligence of application templates w.r.t. dependencies and more
  • IMPROVED: “Choose Password” changes to “Password Required” when re-adding an encrypted folder to Espionage
  • IMPROVED: Espionage now takes steps to resolve a situation when two disk images exist for one folder
  • IMPROVED: Added documentation on ‘saved’ folders and other advanced preferences
  • FIXED: “Lock Folder” contextual menu item not showing up
  • FIXED: Handling of ‘saved’ folders. See new preference in Advanced preferences
  • FIXED: Issue where device syncing could be disabled due to conflict with SyncServices
  • FIXED: Size check is not necessary for already encrypted folders
  • FIXED: Scroll bar wasn’t visible for the small association box when adding a folder to Espionage with too many associations
  • FIXED: Unnecessary associations suggested when adding Mail folder(s) directly to Espionage instead of via the template
  • FIXED: Hang that could occur if application association is launched independently during autounlock
  • FIXED: Rare issue where user could be prompted for login keychain password despite using separate keychain
  • FIXED (2.8.7): Previous version caused login keychain to lock if Espionage was set to use the login keychain
  • FIXED (2.8.7): Corrected explanation in documentation for calculating folder capacity

Overview of Significant Changes

Advanced preference for handling “saved folders”

Some users reported getting excessive “saved folder” notifications, and this release includes a new advanced preference for fine tuning how Espionage handles this situation. Details are in the new documentation on the advanced preferences.

“Lock Folder” contextual menu revived

It turns out that in switching to launchd, we inadvertently broke the “Lock Folder” contextual menu on 10.6. This situation has now been rectified, and the way we’re doing it now means that new users don’t have to restart their computers after installing Espionage for it to become visible.

Other important bug fixes

The release includes other important bugfixes, including a rare and bizarre issue where iSync would disable itself, and a hang that could be triggered during the autounlock sequence.

In short, it’s an important release, and you can update your copy within Espionage by launching it and choosing “Check For Updates…” from the Espionage menu.

Enjoy! 😀

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