Espionage 1.1.2 Released!

Espionage 1.1.2 is here! It’s first and foremost a huge stability update, but it also boasts 3 new features:

  • NEW: support for encrypting folders over a network mount
  • NEW: ability to run Espionage on multiple user accounts
  • NEW: you can now rename a folder using “Locate Missing Folder…”
  • FIXED: updated ispyd to remove unnecessary logging
  • FIXED: “Locate Missing Item” menu item in File menu grayed out properly
  • FIXED: some issues with non-ASCII characters
  • FIXED: moving folder could cause Espionage to lose track of its password
  • FIXED: potential hang when locking a non-encrypted folder w/simultaneous access
  • IMPROVED: more informative logging
  • IMPROVED: restoring folders copies over extended attributes
  • IMPROVED: upon restore volume is made visible to improve robustness in case of error
  • IMPROVED: upon restore image is appended with date in case of existing image in parent
  • IMPROVED: one-shot notification explaining how to securely delete original folder
  • IMPROVED: uninstaller now deletes preferences too, resulting in a truly complete uninstall
  • IMPROVED: added instructions on how to fix error -1712
  • IMPROVED: error handling in installer
  • IMPROVED: Espionage won’t give annoying redundant error if helper fails during operation
  • IMPROVED: more safety checks on what can be encrypted and what can’t

2 thoughts on “Espionage 1.1.2 Released!

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    chinmayo M. Huesch

    great tool.
    on my intel macbook it is working fine.
    but with the g5quad it fails.
    see error below:
    could not establish communication with EspionageHelper!
    any ideas?
    regards chinmayo

  2. Reply

    Greg Slepak Post author

    Hi Chinmayo,

    Try uninstalling it, and then using this beta version.

    If that doesn’t work then send us a support email and we’ll help you out! In general you should send support requests to our support email, or through the support page.

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