Espionage 2.8.9 Released!

The changes below have been updated to include those of 2.8.10.

An important maintenance update on the road to 2.9!

  • NEW: Sparrow application template
  • IMPROVED: SmartMove is now even smarter (detects change in parent folder location at lock/unlock).
  • IMPROVED: Added documentation on how to recover from a corrupt database
  • IMPROVED: Espionage can create folders that haven’t been created yet (but should be, like “Mail Downloads”)
  • SECURITY: Remind user to secure-empty trash after changing the encryption on a folder
  • FIXED: 2.8.8 broke Backup on Lock
  • FIXED: “Don’t have a record for it” messages wouldn’t go away
  • FIXED (2.8.10): Apps did not get associated properly in 2.8.9

SmartMove Improved

Espionage’s SmartMove feature gets an update in this version, making it more robust. Previously, Espionage was only able to track when the folder itself was moved, but would lose track of it if one of the parent folders were moved or renamed. Now, Espionage will sync up with the folder’s new location once the folder is locked or unlocked. All of the code related to moving and renaming folders has also been consolidated into one main class.

Enjoy! 😀

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