Notice of delayed support due to emergency

I (Greg) recently found myself in an auto accident that resulted my hospitalization for a period of a few days, during which I was not able to access the internet. The good news is that no one is injured, the bad news though, for which I apologize profusely, is that we have a backlog of […]

Espionage 2.8.13 Released!

I know I know! I’m getting tired of the 2.8 series as well! :-p NOTE: This update will cause the installer to run again (prompting you for your admin password) FIXED: removed “failed to get node path” console messages in ispyd.log on Lion FIXED: issue with application associations on Lion IMPROVED: removed some 10.5 dependencies. […]

Espionage 2.8.12 Released!

Espionage 2.8.12 brings two important announcements: NOTE: With Lion approaching, this will likely be the last release to support Mac OS 10.5 Leopard CHANGED: Removed ability to backup unlocked folders for integrity reasons (you can force it on an unlocked folder by holding the Option key when clicking on Espionage in the menubar) FIXED: “Folder […]

Espionage 2.8.11 Released!

Espionage 2.8.11 provides Lion compatibility and other enhancements and fixes: NEW: Lion support (now fully 64-bit!) NEW: Complete extended attributes support for the encrypted folder itself (xattrs on files inside the folder were always supported) NEW: Bitcoin application template IMPROVED: Custom folder icon support IMPROVED: Prevent unlocked folders from being backed up to ensure backup […]

Better Objective-C through Clojure Philosophy

EDIT June 2, 2014: The TERecord implementation described here is not how the current TERecord implementation works. I updated the README on GitHub to show how it currently works. Ever since discovering Lisp, I’ve felt an almost… loathing for other languages. They make things too complicated. You feel that other languages encourage code that ends […]

Espionage 2.8.9 Released!

The changes below have been updated to include those of 2.8.10. An important maintenance update on the road to 2.9! NEW: Sparrow application template IMPROVED: SmartMove is now even smarter (detects change in parent folder location at lock/unlock). IMPROVED: Added documentation on how to recover from a corrupt database IMPROVED: Espionage can create folders that […]

DelayedLauncher 2.2

February 9, 2014: Delayed Launcher is now Open Source Software! DelayedLauncher gets an icon thanks to Lorenzo Orlandi! 🙂 NEW: New icon by @lorenzorlandi — thanks!! NEW: Reveal In Finder contextual menu item Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4+

Espionage 2.8.8 Released + Microsoft Outlook Tutorial

NEW: Evernote application template (be sure to quit the Elephant in the menubar before encrypting!) NEW: Instructions for Microsoft Outlook IMPROVED: iCal template associates Mail with the Calendars folder now because of Todos IMPROVED: Outdated backups of sparseimages (when folder changed to sparsebundle) are deleted (and vice versa) FIXED: Rare situation where Espionage’s main window […]