Espionage 3.6.1 Released! Yosemite Compatible.

Espionage is Yosemite ready. 🙂

  • New!
    • Added crash reporting mechanism (QuincyKit).
  • Improvements!
    • Large folders should unlock faster now (size check is now done asynchronously)
  • Bug fixes!
    • OS X 10.10 Yosemite compatibility.
    • Fixed problem causing NSLockError messages in console.
    • Use built-in notifications by default (they display more text than OS X’s or Growl’s).
    • Espionage’s “Window Mode” window would appear would it shouldn’t.
    • Quit button shouldn’t show on the very first TESetupAssisant.
    • No longer show “Buy Now” in license preferences when registered.

The signature for Espionage.dmg is here and also here. The SHA256 of the main binary is also noted below.

Enjoy! 😀

$ openssl dgst -sha256
SHA256( 64ccef4205db3d32f38f656b1a02bd6a0f6905680e2a3434680c4ea982954eaa

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