Espionage 2.5.3 Released!

Thanks go out to Dirk for emailing us today and letting us know of a security issue whereby a folder’s password could be logged to the system log in a certain error scenario (not cool!). The issue itself is due to a typo in the code that was introduced in 2.5, versions prior to that are not affected.

  • SECURITY: [Important!] Issue introduced in 2.5 where folder password could be logged to system log on an error. (Thanks to Dirk for catching this!)
  • IMPROVED: Background UI when no folders in Espionage.
  • IMPROVED: Better minimum window size.

On the aesthetic side of things we’ve improved Espionage’s background UI for when no folders are protected:

New background UI

If you already have Espionage installed, the easiest and fastest way to update is to choose “Check for Updates” from the Espionage menu.

Otherwise you can download it here:

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