Espionage 2.5.4 Released!

Espionage 2.5.4 contains minor bug fixes, user interface improvements, and a compatibility fix when using Little Snitch’s Configuration utility:

  • IMPROVED: When adding a folder to Espionage, “passwords do not match” is not displayed until second password is entered.
  • IMPROVED: Wording of documentation on how to re-import (aka restore) backed up or lost encrypted folders.
  • IMPROVED: Switched default keychain choice during install to separate keychain as it has some advantages.
  • FIXED: Issue where Little Snitch Configuration could cause app password prompt to appear repeatedly.
  • FIXED: Removed unnecessary error message to the log related to reodering of folders.
  • FIXED: Rare issue where “Edit Application Associations” button could be disabled when it shouldn’t be.

We decided to change the default keychain to the separate Espionage keychain for several reasons: 1) It can be slightly more secure because it encourages the use of a different password, unique to Espionage. 2) Unlike the the login keychain it will lock itself after 15 minutes of inactivity, or if your machine is put to sleep. This will cause Espionage’s main window to lock as well if Espionage is running. 3) Espionage will keep backups of the separate keychain in its application support folder.

For some, the only disadvantage will be an extra prompt upon login for your master password if you’ve set any folders to autounlock at login. If this is too much of an issue you can always choose the login keychain! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Espionage 2.5.4 Released!

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    I am becoming an OSX fan and xp refugee. While I do not anticipate using your software having found it while searching for another similarly version numbered application I do wish to complement you for your clean, smiley site design.

    Instead of- or in addition to your trial model would you consider offering a reduced feature freeware version?

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    Greg Slepak Post author

    Thanks for the compliment Seth!

    > Instead of- or in addition to your trial model would you consider offering a reduced feature freeware version?

    Unfortunately I don’t think this is likely to happen as currently we do not feel that the the extra work to maintain these two versions is justified as we have a lot on our plate at the moment.

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