Espionage 3.5.3 Released!

Version 3.5.3 addresses an important data leak introduced in 3.5.2, improves Mavericks compatibility, and adds other important bug fixes, please update right away!

If you’d like to localize Espionage into your language, please contact us.

  • SECURITY: Bug introduced in 3.5.2 that resulted in all folder paths of an unlocked Folder Set being logged to the system log. After several days (or weeks) these messages will disappear from the log files, but you can force their removal using a tool like OnyX. For OnyX, use these settings.
  • IMPROVED: Added retina support for lock/unlock slider. Retina support for other graphics coming too.
  • FIXED: Removed several instances of unnecessary folder path logging (on folder lock/unlock) to help with plausible deniability. This is a losing battle because folder names and paths are logged to the system log by other background processes that Espionage does not have control over. Logging folder paths is also necessary if an error occurs.
  • FIXED: (Mavericks) Wrong folder icon.
  • FIXED: (Mavericks) Error decrypting a folder.
  • FIXED: (Mavericks) Problem unlocking folders for anyone who enabled the hidden setting “enableDiskArbitrationMethod”.

Enjoy! 😀

SHA1(Espionage.dmg)= 5d02150ca6da3fd4017a244d83db33aa536f9edc
SHA1( 8e92c0b2ab730c4ddd62358d3f59f818126e9d53

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