Phasing out support for Espionage 2 + Last chance to upgrade!

It has been almost five years since we announced Espionage to the world. Since then, we’ve gone through three major versions. I would like to sincerely thank all of our customers, and everyone who has supported our work in any way, whether it was by purchasing a license to Espionage, writing a review, or just taking the time to send us an email or a tweet. Thank you.

Espionage 2 was a remarkable application, but its time has passed. It taught us many lessons. We took those lessons and used them to create Espionage 3, a product that not only provides significant security improvements, but a more intuitive user experience. We will continue to listen to our customers, to read your emails, your forum posts, your reviews, your tweets, and use that to make Espionage even better.

Espionage 3 is our focus now. Therefore, we are redirecting traffic to Espionage 2’s homepage to Espionage 3.

December 31st, 2013, will be the last day we provide support for Espionage 2.

The community support forums for Espionage 2 will remain online. Zsolt, Ernesto, or myself may choose to respond to threads in that forum, but we will do that on our own time, and at our discretion.

One more chance to upgrade at a discount

We know that some of our users are still using Espionage 2. We want to make it easy for you to upgrade to Espionage 3 so that you have the security improvements and bugfixes found in Espionage 3.

When we announced Espionage 3, we released it on the Mac App Store, which made it difficult for us to offer discounted upgrades. To get around this, we lowered the price of Espionage 3 to $9.99 for one week, and sent an email to all Espionage users, letting them know that this was their opportunity to upgrade at a discount.

Many users upgraded at that point in time, but some did not. To those that missed out, we’re offering you one more opportunity to upgrade at a discount. We also want to be fair to everyone who decided to purchase Espionage 3 at full price, and so the discount will not be the same as it was the first time.

If you’re a current Espionage 2 user and would like to upgrade to Espionage 3, send us an email (see below) and we’ll send you a code that’s good for 15% off Espionage 3. Update: This offer expired December 31st, 2013. You can still follow the instructions below to receive 10% off Espionage.

To qualify, send an email to:

Your email MUST:

  1. Contain the name and email of your Espionage 2 license
  2. Contain the name and email you’d like for your Espionage 3 license
  3. Do one of the following before December 31st, 2013:
    • Be sent from the same email address that your Espionage 2 license is registered with. (preferred!)
    • Or, include your PayPal receipt for Espionage 2 to the email.
    • Or, have your Espionage 2 license attached to the email. (Not recommended. Will likely delay your license.)

Remember that Espionage 3 needs at least Mac OS X 10.7 to run!

Thank you for helping us make Espionage the best encryption software for the Mac! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Phasing out support for Espionage 2 + Last chance to upgrade!

  1. Reply

    Peter Santschi

    send me update

  2. Reply


    Thank you. However, I will not allow Mac OS 10.7 on my Mac, nor 10.8, nor 10.9. I’ve been using Mac OS since version 3. THESE ARE THE WORST OS VERSIONS APPLE HAS EVER RELEASED.

    Windows XP and later run faster and more reliably on a virtual machine (Parallels) than OS 10.8 does native. That alone says what an incredible kludge it is.

    So long, and thanks for the fish … ;o)

  3. Reply

    Greg Slepak Post author

    Peter: Please send an email to us as instructed in the post.

    Ross: What OS are you moving to?

  4. Reply


    I’m staying with 10.6.8, the last OS version worthy of the name. 10.7 and 10.8 are bloatware, hideously slow, and absurdly designed for maximum INefficiency. I tried them. When Apple decides to go back to functional interfaces, then I’ll consider a new OS.

  5. Reply


    My hardware likes 10.6.8 so unless your new version supports 10.6.8 I will not be able to use it !
    I will stay with Espionage 2.8 , thanks .

  6. Reply


    I have the Bento database in my 10.6.8 Mac OS and Apple will not support it anymore, therefore I cannot upgrade without having to spend money and time on some new database. Until I find a solution I cannot upgrade to Espionage 3. Sorry.

  7. Reply

    e r i k

    were can I get a copy of Espionage 2,8 ? mine is hanging in Mavericks GM and like to reinstall .


  8. Reply

    Greg Slepak Post author

    erik, we haven’t tested E2 for 10.9 compatibility. You can download the last release of E2 from here:

  9. Reply


    I too am still running on 10.6.8 as are about 14% of all Mac OS X users as of June 2014. I really don’t like being forced into the iPhone UI and feel that Snow Leopard may be the best revision of Mac OS X yet. Since 10.9 has the largest 3 users with 10.6 coming up second… I don’t understand leaving 14% of the Mac OS X user base behind. Parallels just released version 9 and they include SL users, but VMware released Fusion 6 and left 10.6.8 users behind.

    I am still on Espionage 2.8 because of staying with 10.6 AND the application association capability. However, with every improvement to v3 the pressure mounts to move to Mac OS X ML or even Mavericks. If E3 was 10.6.8 compatible I would move right now! Is there any chance that a future release of v3 will include 10.6.8 compatibility? Thanks for taking the time to reply AND thank you for your excellent product!!!

    All the very best to you yours,

  10. Reply

    Greg Slepak Post author

    Is there any chance that a future release of v3 will include 10.6.8 compatibility?

    That is unlikely, as it would be very difficult to do and we don’t have the development resources for it.

    What is more likely is that we will continue as we’ve always done, and support the current operating system, the previous one, and maybe the one before that (this is actually what we’re currently doing, with 10.7, 10.8, and 10.9).

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