Espionage 2.0.3 Released!

A bit more than a maintenance release:

  • NEW: “Public mountpoint” option allows other users to access unlocked folders (nice for multi-user systems)
  • NEW: Added application templates for Thunderbird and Postbox email clients
  • NEW: Auto-enables folders on external drives when they are mounted in
  • FIXED: Situation that could cause Mail to claim it didn’t have permission to access its folder
  • FIXED: Items added to the ignore list from the prompt wouldn’t appear in “real-time” the UI list
  • FIXED: UI glitch associated with the Minimum Image Capacity text field
  • FIXED: Bug where launch-at-login checkbox could be checked when it wasn’t supposed to
  • FIXED: Very rare launch-at-login bug
  • IMPROVED: Checks to make sure Espionage has write permission to parent directory
  • IMPROVED: Added check to discourage encrypting application bundles
  • IMPROVED: Checks to prevent users from running Espionage from its disk image
  • IMPROVED: This version listens to a different sparkle feed (so that users don’t see the warning for 1.x)
  • IMPROVED: Mountpoints are predictable and stay the same, they no longer use incrementing numbers
  • IMPROVED: Open panels now point to whatever they last pointed to instead of the home folder always

Overview of Significant Changes

Predictable mountpoints

Mountpoints now have an intelligent structure to them, instead of using an incrementing number, they’re now done like this:


This solves problems that can arise if you’re using an application like Coda that relies on knowing the absolute path to your encrypted project folder. Now you don’t have to worry about updating the path each time the folder is unlocked.

“Public mountpoint” option

If you have a mac that’s shared by several users, it might be convenient to allow another user account to access one of your unlocked folders so that you can share an encrypted folder while using Fast-User switching. Normally you’d want to leave this option disabled.

Auto-enabling folders on mount

This new feature is aimed at users who use Espionage to encrypt folders on external drives. Now if you plug in a drive that has an Espionage’d folder in it, it will automatically be enabled so that you can immediately begin using it without having to re-enable it from the application.

Enjoy! 🙂

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