Notice: Silent Fix for 2.0

If you downloaded Espionage 2.0 before midnight on the 24th of February, then you may run into a bug if you attempt to encrypt a folder on an external drive. I’m not sure how this one slipped past us, but the bug was silently fixed as soon as it was discovered, and immediately uploaded to the site.

You can check to see if your copy is one of those affected by dragging a folder from an external drive onto Espionage (while Espionage is unlocked). If the sheet doesn’t appear then you’ve got it! Getting the fix is easy though:

  1. Download Espionage.
  2. Move your current copy of Espionage to the trash (you can’t overwrite it because the helper which is inside of it is running).
  3. Copy Espionage out of the downloaded disk image to wherever you wish.

For good measure you might want to restart the helper, you can do that from the preferences.

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