Humans are basically blind

In searching for “what percent of the light spectrum can humans see” I found answers varying from 0% to a maximum of 2.3%, depending on your definition of “light spectrum,” whether you’re asking in terms of a linear scale or a logarithmic scale, and whether you’re using wavelength or frequency [1] [2]. Painfully slow frame […]

Espionage 3.5 — Introducing Folder Actions!

Big release today! We know you’ve all missed application associations, and while those have been deprecated, today’s release introduces Folder Actions to replace them! This time, instead of giving you a description of the new features (in text), we’ve made a 720p screencast ! A picture is worth a thousand words. We hope you enjoy […]

Holiday Sale till New Years! Half off of Espionage 3!

Every day till the end of 2012 we’ll be tweeting out a coupon code for half off of Espionage! Each code can be redeemed up to 50 times. 🙂 We wish you and your family happy holidays, and we hope you spend it with the ones you love. Sincerely, Your friends at Tao Effect

Espionage 3.0.4 Released!

Version 3.0.4 brings some bugfixes. If you’d like to localize Espionage into your language, please contact us. FIXED: Autounlock window not accepting password in certain instances FIXED: Removed ML notifications because they don’t support long sentences Enjoy! 😀

Espionage 3.0.3 Released!

Version 3.0.3 brings some important bugfixes and Brazilian localization. If you’d like to localize Espionage into your language, please contact us. NEW: Brazilian Portuguese Localization FIXED: Error 9 when unlocking FIXED: Changed method of starting at login to one that’s less likely to fail FIXED: Changed method of disk mounting to one that’s less likely […]

Espionage 3.0.1 Released!

NEW: Spanish Localization IMPROVED: Don’t warn about visibility for folders inside folders on Desktop IMPROVED: Ask for confirmation during setup assistant if user says “no” to launch at login FIXED: Problem unlocking folders when master password is changed FIXED: Allow encryption of folders inside Library FIXED: Allow “Force remove from database…” when disk image is […]

Mac App Store Failure

One of our goals for version 3, was to address a user-request to get Espionage into the Mac App Store (MAS). We thought we succeeded in this, but it looks like this was only a momentary success. Apple’s June 1st sandboxing deadline hit, and we thought we were safe because we were already in the […]

Announcing Espionage 3 for the Mac App Store!

Today we’re announcing a brand new, completely rewritten and redesigned Espionage: Espionage 3. Espionage 3 is the result of the combined efforts of Tao Effect and cocoaWithChurros‘ Ernesto Garcia. What’s New? Simply put: simplicity and stronger security. We decided to do a complete rewrite of Espionage, focusing more on its user interface, improving its internal […]