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HOWTO: Modify an existing regular Espionage 3.x license


NOTE: If you have a version 2.x license, do not use this form! Please visit this blog post instead.

If you'd like to change your 3.x license after purchase, you can do so fairly simply by filling out and submitting the form below:

Modify existing 3.x License to include: Lifetime Upgrades $19.99 USD Family Pack (5 Users) $34.99 USD Family Pack (5 Users) with Lifetime Upgrades $54.98 USD Name on 3.x License: (exact spelling) Email on 3.x License: (exact spelling) jQuery(function() { var $ = jQuery, $pf = $('#ppform'), $f = $pf.closest('form'); if (!$f || $f.length == 0) console.log('no form!'); else { $f.get(0).setAttribute('action',$pf.attr('action')); // problem using attr on this // can't open in new window (pop blockers) // $f.attr({target:'_blank',method:$pf.attr('method')}); $f.removeAttr('onsubmit'); //.submit(function () { return true; }); $f.validate({ submitHandler: function (daform) { $('#modifyResult').css('color', 'blue').text('Validating info...'); $.ajax({ url: '/espionage/purchase/', type: 'POST', data: $f.serialize(), complete: function (jqXHR, ts) { if (jqXHR.status === 200) { $('#modifyResult').css('color', 'green').text('Redirecting...'); daform.submit(); } else { $('#modifyResult').css('color', 'red').text(jqXHR.responseText); } } }); } }); $f.removeAttr("novalidate"); $('#ppbutton').click(function () { $f.submit(); }); } });
If all went well with your purchase you should receive your new license within the hour, but it may take up to 3 business days if anything went wrong with your order.

Once we receive payment we'll check our database to make sure the information is correct and then send you an updated license.

Two ways to replace your old license:

Downloading the license file that you receive and double-click it.

Or, if you are scared to double-click on email attachments (and you should be), then there is the manual way:

* Quit Espionage
* Open the Finder and choose "Go to Folder..." from the Go menu.
* Copy and paste the text below and press the Go button: ~/Library/Application Support/com.taoeffect.Espionage3/
* Move this file to the trash: license
Now open Espionage and register using your new license as before (the email the license file is sent in will contain exact instructions if you forgot how).


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