Espionage's Manual

Espionage's manual, available through the Help menu in Espionage, is also available online.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is Espionage different from Disk Utility's encrypted disk images?

    It's important to note that Espionage uses the same encrypted disk images that Disk Utility can create. That said, the similarities stop there. By merging the disk image and the mount point together into a "folder", Espionage not only allows you to do things that are not possible with disk images (like encrypting your email), but it makes the task of securing your data painless and simple.

  • What is "iSpy"?

    You might be interested in this blog entry: What is this “iSpy” anyway?

  • What is Espionage doing?

    You might be interested in this help doc: How does Espionage work?

  • Will my data be secure if the computer crashes?

    Yes. If the system crashes, is forced to reboot, etc. the folder's security won't be compromised. When the folder is unlocked what actually happens is that a hidden disk image is mounted. If the system were to crash, this "mount point" (a virtual entity), will disappear and your files will be safe.

  • How do I uninstall Espionage?

    After you've unlocked Espionage, choose "Uninstall Espionage..." from the Espionage menu. Only Espionage's built-in uninstaller will remove everything that Espionage installed, third-party uninstallers will not.

  • Can I use Espionage with an external drive?

    Yes. Some things you should keep in mind:
    Make sure to lock the folder before ejecting the disk. If you want to use the folder between multiple Macs, then both machines should have Espionage installed. To use it on the other machine, add the folder to Espionage on the other using the same encryption and password.

  • Can I use Espionage with SugarSync/Dropbox/(enter name of online backup service)?

    Yes. Just enable Espionage's built-in backups feature in the preferences, and set the destination to a location that's backed up by one of those services. However, although it is possible, currently we do not recommend using these services for the purpose of syncing Espionage'd folders between multiple computers.

    For special instructions regarding Dropbox, see this blog post.

  • Can I use Espionage with iDisk?

    While it is possible, we generally discourage using the iDisk with Espionage, especially as a backup destination, because of stability problems that could arise, particularly when dealing with large folders.

  • Does Espionage work with Time Machine?

    Yes, but you'll get better results using Espionage's built-in backups. See the documentation for more details.

  • I don't see the password prompt when I open a folder, help!

    Please check the advice in this thread. Specifically, check to make sure you haven't added the Finder to Espionage's ignore list.

    Also, make sure that the folder actually is under Espionage's control. If the encrypted folder is not in Espionage, drag it back into Espionage (which will recognize it's already encrypted).

  • Can I set a custom icon on an encrypted folder?

    Yes. Espionage will automatically copy the icon from the folder when it's first encrypted, and if you'd like to change the icon for a folder that's already encrypted, first disable it, set its icon as you normally would via the Get Info panel, and then re-enable the folder.

  • What does "Got error 24 backing up 'foldername'" mean?

    Espionage uses a program called rsync to backup your folders quickly, and this program can return this error for multiple reasons. Usually this happens when a large folder is locked (or unlocked) while it's being backed up, because the locking (or unlocking) operation moves the hidden disk image that's being backed up, causing rsync to complain. This is not a serious error, and can be remedied by letting Espionage's backups complete before changing the folder's locked status. More information about how Espionage works with disk images can be found in Espionage's built-in help documentation.

  • I can't copy or drag a file out of an encrypted folder, help!

    There appears to be a bug in Apple's Finder that can occasionally result in this symptom, the treatment is to kill the Finder, it will then resurrect itself and work properly. To do this, choose "Force Quit..." from the Apple menu, and choose the Finder, the "Force Quit" button will turn into a "Relaunch" button, which after pressing, should solve the problem.

  • I can't copy files into the folder because there's "no space left", yet I have plenty of space.

    Please see this tip: How to modify an encrypted folder's capacity

    NOTE: This is referring to an error that can happen after the folder has been encrypted. There's another situation where Espionage (not the Finder) can give a "Not enough space" message, and that is referring to when there might not be enough space on the drive to successfully create the encrypted folder.

  • I never received a response!

    We respond to every support email that we receive. Our goal is to respond within 24 hours—weekdays—and within 48 hours—weekends.

    If you haven't received a reply from us in that time and you used the form below to send it, it's almost always because there was a typo in the email address you provided, and so we can't get back to you. Just send your question again, but make sure the address is correct and your spam filter won't destroy messages from our support address.

  • I never received my license!

    Your license is sent to the email you provided us with on the order form. If you purchased Espionage through TrialPay, it is sent to the email you entered there. Make sure to check your spam filter!

    If you haven't received it within 30 minutes of purchasing Espionage, please contact us and let us know!

  • I can't register Espionage because the license file won't open.

    Please follow the step-by-step instructions that came with your license file to register Espionage. The license file should not be opened.

  • I forgot my master password, how can I reset it?

    Follow these instructions to reset the password.

  • Lost your license?

    Enter the name and email on your Espionage license in the box below and it will be resent to you. If only one license is associated with your email, you do not need to enter the name.

    Name (optional):

Question not answered by the FAQ or Manual?

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