Moving and Renaming Protected Folders

To move or rename a folder, first make sure the folder is locked, and then just do it like you normally do, directly in the Finder.

You should see a "synced" message from Espionage, letting you know that Espionage is now aware of its new location.

If you need to move a folder across devices (like to a separate hard drive), do this:

  1. Open the Espionage.
  2. Disable the folder from the main window by unchecking the "Enabled" checkbox and pressing the "Save Changes" button.
  3. Copy the folder to the other hard disk, and then add it to Espionage.
  4. Delete the original folder after verifying everything went OK. When you remove it from Espionage it will give you a bunch of errors saying it couldn't restore the folder, just ignore them.

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