Using Time Machine to Backup Espionage'd Folders

You can rely on Time Machine to backup your protected folders, but at the moment this is discouraged for two reasons:

  1. Restoring folders from Time Machine can be a rather involved process.
  2. Because Espionage moves a disk image each time a folder is locked or unlocked, Time Machine may end up backing up more than it needs to. To ensure efficient backups with Time Machine, you can either make sure to run Time Machine when all folders are in the same locked state as they were during the previous backup, or you can prevent Time Machine from backing up a folder altogether (and use Espionage's backups instead) for specific folders:
Block Time Machine

That said Time Machine can be used with Espionage, but is encouraged as a supplement to Espionage's convenient and efficient backups. Time Machine will automatically backup your folders, and is on Espionage's white list by default so its operation will not bring up the password prompt.

Unless you are using unencrypted, password protected folders), your data will always be backed up in its encrypted state.

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