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Title: Can E3 manage the folders on a SSD external drive?
Post by: shaguo on April 09, 2016, 03:59:56 AM

I just purchased a SSD external drive - SanDisk Extreme 500 Portable for storing my private data and exchanging among several computers (Macs and PCs) of mine. I like those great features E3 offers. So here, before I purchase E3 for protecting my data, I've some questions:

1) If E3 can manage the folders and/or files located on my SSD external drive?
2) If I can use E3 on multiple computers to manage my data located on my SSD external drive? means add and encrypt data on one computer and then  decrypt and read/edit on anther computer with E3 with the password I created on the former computer?
3) If E3 has a MS-Windows version?

Title: Re: Can E3 manage the folders on a SSD external drive?
Post by: zsolt on April 09, 2016, 05:34:05 AM

Protecting a folder on an external drive is not much different then protecting a folder from internal drive. Pick a folder and drag it over Espionage window, and it will encrypt it. There is only one difference, if you are protecting from internal drive it will not ask you where to store the disk image, as we are aware of the predefined folder structure on the internal boot drive. If you protect a folder on external drive, before encryption it will ask you where to store the disk image belonging to that folder. I suggest you create one folder on your SSD, name it for example EspionageImages and use it as a storage folder for all protected folders on that external SSD.
The fact that the folder is visible as well as the disk images inside, does not compromise the security in any way. Due to random disk image names, it is impossible to correlate the disk image with the protected folder (for example is someone would like to steal the disk image containing data from particular folder, for later cracking attempt), and it is impossible to unlock them without a very strong 30 character long, by Espionage random generated password.

The only danger you are exposed to is if somebody would delete those disk images, but this equals to the possibility that someone can steal the external drive, so it is to assume that you will keep it secure.

Yes, you can access the data on another Mac. You would need to install the Espionage on that Mac too and then import the disk images into it. There is a small procedure to do that, if you decide for Espionage, let me know and I will send it to you.

No, there is no Win version and there is no application which can read an OS X disk image (at least I'm not aware of), so you cannot read Espionage protected data on a Windows machine. One way to do that would be to use Tresorit. I did not test it on Windows but the concept should work. This approach would sync the Tresorit protected data over cloud, on the Mac the local data you would protect with Espionage and allow Tresorit to sync it with cloud, and on Windows, you could "pull" that data to the local machine, but it would be unprotected on local drive, unless you find an application which can act as Espionage on Windows and allow for sync with Tresorit. (if you fnd a solution, please let me know so that I can suggest it to other users - and if you need assistance in that - or any other direction, for that matter - just let me know)

Title: Re: Can E3 manage the folders on a SSD external drive?
Post by: shaguo on April 09, 2016, 05:56:51 AM
Hey Zslot! Thanks for your prompt answers. I think E3 is what exactly I need though some features I want are missing understandably. Thanks, i'll reach out to you later for accessing protected data across multiple Macs.
Title: Re: Can E3 manage the folders on a SSD external drive?
Post by: zsolt on April 09, 2016, 07:45:08 AM
You are welcome, let me know which solution did you come up with and which features (other then no Win app) do you miss in Espionage.