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Author Topic: I have run out of disc space  (Read 41854 times)


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Re: I have run out of disc space
« Reply #15 on: October 02, 2010, 12:09:02 AM »
Quote from: "sawxray"
If there is a chance to fix this, please let me know. Otherwise, please be considerate and don't allow me to risk all my data. I will just not encrypt with Espionage.

I'm sorry to hear that the issue is back again, but this is a rare and unique scenario, and we'll just have to troubleshoot until we figure out what's wrong. I should say though, no one is forcing you to risk your data, nor is anyone forcing you to use Espionage's backups (which uses 'rsync'). You can always use Espionage with any backup tool of your choice.

It may be possible to fix this though, let's try some other options. The steps are as before, but the command is different. It's important that you follow these steps closely however:

  • Open Espionage, unlock it, and open Espionage's preferences
  • Click the "Stop" button to turn off Espionage's helper (you'll need to quit all encrypted apps and close all encrypted documents first)
  • Delete the EspionageBackups folder again (yes, again)
  • Open up the Terminal application (use Spotlight to find it), and copy/paste the following into it and then press return:
    Code: [Select]
    defaults write com.taoeffect.EspionageHelper TERsyncOptions "-a --delete --delete-after --no-p --no-g --no-o"
  • Open Espionage's preferences again, and this time click "Start" to start Espionage's helper
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