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Espionage 3 / Invalid signature for com.taoeffect.ispy.kext
« on: May 13, 2016, 03:52:50 PM »
I am getting the following errors in the console app every 10 seconds...

5/13/16 10:38:11.518[51]: Untrusted kexts are not allowed
5/13/16 10:38:11.518[51]: ERROR: invalid signature for com.taoeffect.ispy.kext, will not load
5/13/16 10:38:11.000 kernel[0]: Kext com.taoeffect.ispy.kext not found for unload request.
5/13/16 10:38:11.530[1]: (com.taoeffect.ispyd) Service only ran for 0 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 10 seconds.

Running Espionage 3.6.5, OS X 10.11.4

Is ispy still in use in Verson 3, or is this something left over from a previous version.


Espionage 3 / Restoring encrypted folders from
« on: October 03, 2015, 08:22:40 PM »
My primary mac has crashed. Fortunately I have a SuperDuper backup of the drive. I need to copy the encrypted folders/sparcebundles from the backup to my laptop until the iMac is repaired (or replaced).

I can see the sparcebundles in ~/Library/Application Support/com.taoeffect.Espionage3.Data, and a bunch of database3... files in ~/Library/Application Support/com.taoeffect.Espionage3.Backup

What is the best way to get these encrypted folders installed on the laptop and accessible. I have made a trial encrypted folder with the same password (from the iMac) if that is of any help.

Thanks for any help.

Espionage 3 / Delete empty folder set?
« on: May 28, 2012, 05:46:52 PM »
How do you delete an empty folder set?

Espionage 3 / Issue with missing sparsefile
« on: May 28, 2012, 04:52:03 PM »
If you share a sparsebundle using dropbox (by the instructions in help), then at some point tell espionage to "Decrypt folder" on one end, the sparsebundle is deleted from dropbox (correct action). However, if you then go to the other machine, Espionage complains that it can not find the sparsebundle. There appears to be no way to recover. I can attempt to "Force remove from database", but Espionage prompts for a location to "save" the sparsebundle, which will fail when it can't be found.

Espionage 2 / Folder is being backed up, please wait
« on: June 06, 2011, 12:20:51 PM »
I recently upgraded to version 2.8.11 (from 2.8.10). After upgrading, the old version in the trash wouldn't delete. Eventually, I force it's deletion using "Trash-It".
Unfortunately, now when I try to open my encrypted folder, I get three growl notices that the folder is being backed up, and please wait until it finishes before unlocking.

How do I remove the backup lock so I can access my data?


Espionage 2 / Automatic backup upon lock not working.
« on: March 17, 2011, 06:05:28 PM »
Version 2.8.8
It appears that my encrypted folder is not being backed up when the application quits, and the folder gets locked.
Under Preferences->backup, all checkboxes are checked, the destination is set, and the folder to backup appears correct.
I can successfully create a backup manually using either the global backup, or the folder backup, and the backup notification is displayed.
However, if I open the application (Quickbooks), unlock the folder, then close quickbooks -- I get the notification that the folder was locked, but not the one saying the backup completed.
Also, if I delete the current backup folder before doing this, the folder is not re-created, so I'm pretty sure the backup is not being done.
Manual backups re-create the backup folder.

Espionage 2 / access encrypted folder from alias
« on: June 23, 2010, 09:37:38 PM »
I have (or had) a shortcut on my desktop that would open an encrypted folder in my Documents folder by automatically requesting the password. This worked up to the 2.8 update. Now, double clicking the alias displays the error "The alias <whatever> can't be opened because the original item can't be found". I've tried re-making aliases to the unlocked folder, but once the folder is re-locked, the alias no longer works.  Is there a way to regain this functionality?


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