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Started by stevens, February 07, 2024, 02:07:32 PM

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I'm using Espionage 3.7.1 on a Mac running OS 11.7.1.
I get an error message when I try to delete a file I no longer want in a protected folder. This happens when the folder is unlocked.
Here is the message: The operation can't be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -8062).
This happens when I try to delete using a right click or by dragging to the trash icon.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Hello Stevens, in it's essence, Espionage is just administering MacOS disk images. It creates them, encrypts them, assign name and password and manipulate the mountpoint for them, but at it's core, the data is kept in MacOS encrypted disk image. So the error you are describing is an error the disk image is returning and _should_ nothing to do with Espionage. I know this does not make your life any better, but just to be clear on this.
It is probably some kind of a permission issue. Does the same happen when you try to copy a file out of the protected folder, say, you drag a file from the protected folder into a regular folder, for example into your  Documents folder?

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I can drag a file from a protected folder into a regular folder. But it leaves a copy behind, which still cannot be moved to the trash.

However I did discover a workaround: if I command-drag the file into a regular folder it moves it without leaving a copy behind. Then I can move the file from the regular folder to the trash.

I can use this workaround but would of course prefer to have things work "properly." So if there is a simple way to adjust something that would let me move a file from a protected (but unlocked) folder directly into the trash, that would be great. Otherwise I can live with what I've got now.

Thanks very much for your quick response to my original post!


Hello Stevens, dragging a file from the protected folder creates a copy, because MacOS always does a copy when you drag a file from one volume to another (for example if you drag a file from your internal disk to a usb stick or external hard drive). The unlocked folder is in fact a mounted disk image volume which is shown "through" the unlocked folder, but nevertheless, it is another volume.
To change the default behaviour you do exactly what you did.
But the reason I asked is different. If you can "save" your files from the protected folder by copying them into a regular folder, then the simplest way to fix your problem is to copy all the data out of the protected folder, delete the folder from espionage and simply add it anew.
It is a bit of a quick and dirty solution, but it should work. I assume you will not have the same problem with the newly added folder, because it will create the disk image new, reset the permissions and that should make it work.
On the other hand, if you want me to troubleshoot the problem in detail, then we would need a zoom session and I can then take a look into it and try to figure out what went wrong.

If you are fine with the quick fix, then:
- create a new emtpy folder on your internal disk
- unlock the folder in espionage
- drag all the files into the new folder
- ctrl click onto folder in espionage folder list, and select force remove from database
- this will dump the disk image containing the data onto your desktop together with the password file for the disk image
- now drag the new folder to espionage and let it encrypt
- once done, check if all works fine
- if yes, you can trash the disk image and the password file

let me know how it went
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