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Started by jaireaux, November 15, 2017, 08:59:05 AM

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My old Macbook died so I'm rebuilding on a new one. I had my encrypted folders on an external drive so they're still available. When I try to open a .sparsebundle by double-clicking it and entering my password, it says "Try again" and when I try to import it into espionage, it says "Invalid password".

I don't know if I was on v2 or v3, but I generally try to stay current so I think it would be v3. All the files are not hidden and all .sparsebundles.

What am I doing wrong?


Hello, if you send me your email to then I can search our license database to determine if you have a valid license for version 3. Anyway, in case you are protecting a folder on an external disk, then the sparsebundle names will bear the name of the folder you are protecting, same as in Espionage 2. However in Espionage 2 the sparse bundle was located inside the folder you were protecting and in Espionage 3 they can be in any folder you want. So I guess it is indeed an Espionage 3 setup.

If this is so, then, whereas the password for sparsebundles in Espionage 2 were user defined, i.e. where those you used to unlock the folder, in Espionage 3 they are application generated and can be seen only if you deliberately copied them out of Espionage using the copy password button in folder info window. So unless you did that, you will not be able to import the sparse bundles.

If you have a backup of the espionage folder inside your home/Library folder, we can revert the espionage to an older date state and then you can copy the passwords out, if you do not have a backup then the data is lost.

Let me know if I can help you further,

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So I have a similar problem. My laptop died. I have the sparse bundle files on a backup disc.

At the same time, I had an older version of the backup on my old laptop that still functions. So my question is where to find the "copy password button in folder info window."