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Started by nomolo, August 25, 2014, 05:44:07 AM

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If I encrypt a folder that lives on my desktop and then unlock it I end up with two apparently identical copies of that folder on the desktop. Is that expected? When I encrypt a folder elsewhere on my system I only ever see one copy of the folder, whether its locked or unlocked. 

I would prefer my unlocked folders to appear on my desktop, so I can see at a glance whether any folders need to be locked before travelling with my laptop.  I have more than 1 folder set, so checking in the Espionage window would involve locking and unlocking Espionage several times to check on each set - which is too much trouble. Is there any way of having unlocked folders appear on the desktop without the duplicates?



Hello Nomolo, sorry for late reply, for some reason I was not notified about a new post on the forum.

I tested it on my mac and it does not show up twice.
In the Finder window it does show up in the side bar under mounted volumes, but on the desktop it shows up only once.
Can you please run the following terminal commands and send me the output of the last two at the moment the folder is unlocked:

cd .
cd Desktop
ls -la

Btw you can launch Disk Utility and it will also show you all the mounted volumes, then pick the folder you want to lock and eject the associated volumes.

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We introduced a fix for a related problem in 3.6 that is causing this. It can happen depending on your finder settings:

For now, try playing around with those setting until you get it how you like it. We'll work on addressing this situation on our end too (for a future update).
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Thanks Szolt, thanks Greg.  If I uncheck "Show External Drives on Desktop" the duplicate encrypted folder disappears - but unfortunately so do the external drives that I need to see!


FYI: Fixing this issue is getting bumped till after 3.6.1 as we're prioritizing releasing 3.6.1 for 10.10 compat.
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