Started by alucens, December 07, 2013, 01:49:03 AM

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sorry, if I raise a topic that might be out of date, but I am running Espionage 2.8.13 on my old MacBook and wanted to lock Thunderbird. However, since I have only use one identity with TB after unlocking TB asks me which identity I want to use and I cannot select.
What can I do?


Hello Ben, it is not outdated yet, but at the end of this year the support for V2 is over, so I would suggest to upgrade to V3 before the time runs out.

First to see if this is really the problem, quit Thunderbird, open Espionage, unlock the Thunderbird folders and then launch Thunderbird again. Does it now work fine?

If it doest, then the problem is that Espionage is not recognizing that it is Thunderbird being launched, so it does not unlock the folder before Thunderbird launches, making Thunderbird not finding the profile data, so it asks you which data you want to use...

To fix, this, right click onto thunderbird, select show package content and add Thunderbird.bin to Espionage and associate it with Thunderbird.

Quit Thunderbird, lock all folders and try to launch Thunderbird, see if it works fine now.

let me know if you need further help.

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Zsolt! Thanks for the quick reply. However, there is no folder I can lock, just an executable file called "thunderbird-bin" in a folder called "Mac OS" inside the package. Since Espionage 2 allows only to lock folders not files, I am a bit lost....
Sorry, if might oversee something.

BTW: I have to use 2 because of my old MacBook-Lady (10.6.8).

Again, thanks for your help!


Sorry if I was not clear enough.
In Esp 2, you will have the thunderbird in the list of protected folders, click on application association button and you will see a thunderbird already listed there, now just drag the thunderbird.bin over that window, it will be added as second thunderbird, this is OK.
After that give it another try.

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