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Espionage 2 / Error when trying to change to login keychain
« on: April 10, 2009, 01:24:37 PM »

first of all I don't know if this post fits in here, but I could'nt find any board specifically dedicated to support questions. So here I go:

I'm currently evaluating Espionage. I'd like to change the password storage from the Espionage keychain to the regular login keychain, but that doesn't seem to work. I click the "Go" button in the preferences and all I get is this error message:

Can't get password for: 'xyz'«

xyz being one of my encrypted "folders". I already tried to remove this specific folder but then I get the exact same error message on the next encrypted folder. I also tried locking, unlocking and disabling my folders prior to this. Doesn't make any difference.

Any ideas what's wrong here and how I can change to the login keychain?

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