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Author Topic: SOLUTION: Corrupted Database--Espionage "Blank"  (Read 2943 times)

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SOLUTION: Corrupted Database--Espionage "Blank"
« on: December 08, 2014, 05:00:34 AM »
Hopefully this will help people.

Happily updated Espionage, everything working, then one day when I tried to open my folder I got the page you see. More experienced users will note that this looks exactly like an unlocked Espionage when you enter nothing in the search space and search for it. When you go to the *V in the corner you get what you see in the next picture: "Lock Espionage." Do that . . . you enter your password . . . FAIL!!!

Now I clone my drive on more than one Ext-HD. I recommend this highly. My more RECENT clone had the same problem--boot to it . . . same failure. But another clone older than that . . . no problem! So the password is correct.

After working with Zsolt here is the solution.

1. Make sure you Clone/backup what you have. So whatever you do, you do not lose data.
2. Ultimately there is a problem with the Database file--see picture.
3. IF you have a working clone--from a back up--rename the Database file to something like: database3-original
4. Bring over database3 from your clone.
5. Voila!
5. IF you do NOT have a working clone go to the last picture and open the Backups folder. There you will find a ton of back up databases. Try using them

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