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Author Topic: newby - external drive  (Read 2800 times)


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newby - external drive
« on: December 08, 2014, 01:45:54 AM »
I want to use espionage to create encrypted backups of files in case of damage to computer - the master password would be available.  I now understand that one would also need the passwords for each file to recreate file from the backup - what is the option for creating backup disks that would have all the information needed that someone with espionage and master password could use to recreate file - but one would need the master password to access it.

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Re: newby - external drive
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2014, 04:44:39 AM »
I was lurking for another reason, but maybe this will help if I understand your question.

When I Clone my Internal HD with a program that makes the clone on an External HD bootable--I use SuperDuper! but I have been told Carbon Copy Cloner and now TimeMachine will do that--it clones everything so my Espionage folders are copied as well. So if I boot from the clone, everything is safe. If I connect to the clone as a regular Ext-HD and try to "find" my files, I get an empty file.

Not sure if that helps you. You can also just encrypt your Ext-HD. Something I recommend. Now if you want to encrypt an Ext-HD AND have on it a file protected by Espionage--so if you are forced to give up your password to the Ext-HD your file is still protected, I leave that to one of the Gurus to explain how to do that.  :P