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Author Topic: Syncing to different Macs & Backup  (Read 2361 times)


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Syncing to different Macs & Backup
« on: October 28, 2014, 02:06:21 AM »
I've just started using this app and wanted a few questions answered before purchasing it.

I've have it set up on my iMac and I also have a MacBook Air. I have set all my folders into my Mega folder. Mega is like dropbox, its a could storage service. I want to know if and if so how I can sync the protected folders on both computer. I want to so that I can just open my mega folder on either computer and have the file accessible  with new files being synced via the mega service. And also backup if my iMac hard drive fails can I open the folders from another computer with this app installed, accessing the backed up folders from mega? Thanks - heres the mega service I am using if your not sure


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Re: Syncing to different Macs & Backup
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2014, 09:32:26 PM »
Hello, yes, you can, the same principle applies like for Dropbox:

Here is an article I wrote for that, it is a bit of a read, but it looks long only because of many details. Once you get the concept it is easy in fact. The whole thing boils down to the fact that the disk image containing the data has to be in the cloud, the mount point folder has to be on a local filesystem and outside a folder which syncs, and the disk image has to be imported into Espionage on the second mac, using the password you extract from the first mac. MAKE SURE the folders are never unlocked on both Macs et the same are the details...

A protected folder in Espionage 3 consists from the disk image and the mount point folder. The disk image is the one containing the data, and the mount point folder is the folder in which the disk image will mount when you unlock the folder.

I will try to describe it step by step:
- pick a local folder for protection
- add it to Espionage
- wait until it is done with encryption
- (if you have more then one protected folder) once done, click near the folder name onto small i, and check the disk image name under "Disk image" drop down menu, record it somewhere
- then click on copy password, and paste the disk image password in some text file
- lock the folder and quit espionage
- go to Library/com.taoeffect.espionage3/Data folder, move the disk image into some folder in Dropbox
- launch Espionage, again click on small i near the folder name, you will see that it will complain that the disk image is missing, click on the Disk image drop down menu - "Choose", and select the disk image in your dropbox, this should make him happy. Try to unlock, change, lock, just do not rush to fast, allow Dropbox to sync as you do things... if all OK, lock the folder and we are done with this Mac

- now on the other Mac
- create a local folder which will be used as mount point
- launch Espionage and drag the disk image over it, it will ask you for disk image password and will give you a "choose mount point" menu,
- enter the recorded password, and select the folder you created to be used as mount point
- if all fine the folder will be added to Espionage
- now try to unlock it, update it, lock it.
- again make sure the sync from Dropbox is done

- now move to the first mac, unlock the folder and see if the content has the update you did on second mac...

Or you can check an article which was wrote by one of our users:

If there is anything unclear, just let me know.
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